What is your impact?

Find it with this Force Multiplier Index

We can go through our days and wonder, "Am I making a difference?"

This tool is for you. It will put data to dedication... Symbols to strain... Figures to force... Representation to relationships... Whole numbers to work.

The assessment is based on the work of British anthropologist Robin Dunbar at the University of Oxford. "Dunbar's Number" is a ratio that limits how much complexity a social system can handle.

It's a simple, seven-question tool.

  • Enter the number of people for each category.
  • Include people with whom you communicate on a regular basis.
  • If any individual overlaps in multiple categories, include them in the single most applicable category.

It's that easy.

This is a confidential exercise. We will aggregate figures to determine the general impact of local leaders on communities and culture.

You will be encouraged through this easy two-minute tool... and here we go, start below...