The C3 Story


Imagine if a missions’ organization or church could send three hundred business leaders into a city and embed them there for years to impact community, commerce, and culture with the values of Jesus Christ. And what if those leaders persisted, united in purpose, continually encouraging each other to greater impact? And what if that groups’ goal was to increase to thousands of like-minded, Christ-centered leaders using their God-given position and influence to transform that city into a place of love, service and wholeness?

That is exactly where C3 Leaders finds itself in 2017 in the Northwest! A vision is stirring in this community to turn our region right-side up through loving, honest, generous influence in everyday life. Three hundred men and women C3 Leaders are unifying their hearts and lives and learning what it is to express Jesus’ life and values everywhere God places them.

Many business leaders operate in isolation and struggle to express their faith in active ways toward their customers, suppliers, employees and their communities. Few business leaders understand their purpose or their calling, lacking trusted peers with whom they can talk openly and honestly about their struggles. Through C3 Leaders, a business leader is no longer alone. C3 Leaders connects business leaders to develop trusted friendships, discover who God created them to be and bring the values of Jesus to Community, Commerce, and Culture. Through C3 Leaders’ unique peer group format, called “Forums,” members are experiencing deeply intimate personal and spiritual growth. Hurts are being exposed and healed, marriages strengthened, spiritual lives fortified and encouragement given to manage businesses and lives with the values of Jesus.

In addition to the dozens of Forums, C3 Leaders also offers spiritual retreats, behind-the-scenes insights into how the best Christian-led businesses operate, and periodic community-wide gatherings designed to promote wisdom, knowledge and fellowship. All of this is done with eyes focused on impacting community, commerce, and culture with the values of Jesus.

What does God have planned for the future for C3 Leaders? We are the church without walls! Our vision is that Christian leaders from every business in the Northwest will become members of the C3 Community. Why? Because when a business leader is united with peers, living and leading like Jesus, there is transformation: Families stay whole, communities are welcoming and friendly, commerce is honest and fair, and the culture is enriched. We want you to join this community of leaders and we want to join you as you seek to live an extraordinary life of Jesus led leadership.