Generation Gap of Pandemic

Generational Gap

by Mason Rutledge, President “Ok, Boomer” and groans about “those Millennials” is taking on new meaning. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our country was parted along a pack of partitions, i.e. political, racial, socio-economic, etc. In this season, separations have grown greater than just masks and gloves. There is a growing gap between generations. It […]

This Functional “Ice Age”


by Mason Rutledge, President “The new normal…” “Going to get back to…” “It’s just different…” These have long prefaced statements from business leaders in my discussions over the last couple months of this crisis. This week, these prefaces led to new conclusions… “This new normal…will last forever.” “Going to get back to…little of what was […]

Get ‘er Done


by Mason Rutledge, President Americans are get it done people. Need to cross a continent? Light the darkness? Power? Produce in mass? Computing? We’ll get it done. When faced with an obstacle, we overcome it. In dozens of discussions with business leaders and marketplace influencers this last week, that was a theme and a frustration. […]

This Week in Wet Cement

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by Mason Rutledge, President “It like running in wet cement.” Working in this newly discovered environment has felt like slogging through heavy, wet concrete for business leaders and marketplace influencers. For six weeks I have been summarizing my conversations with leaders through the week on Saturday morning. I am surprised that business leaders and marketplace […]

Reflecting on our New Commute


Today’s commute is crossing the hall or going down the stairs. A long commute, in this season, is out to the RV. The proximity to engage with work has wrecked rhythms and made boundaries blurry. As I met with dozens of business leaders this last week in C3 Forums, phone calls and Zoom meetings, this […]

Decisions Formed Decades Ago Altered This Week


“Don’t take help.” “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” “Weak.” “We don’t need the government’s help.” “Private business is key.” “Don’t be one of those people.” Childhood memories of overheard statements from Dad, decades ago, echoed through the ethical decisions made by business leaders this week. “Get up!” Decisions had to be made, of which, […]

Forecasting from Conversations


by Mason Rutledge, President In Western Washington our weather has varied from sun breaks to rain to hail to low hanging clouds and the average high temperature is down ten degrees. When there is a glimmer of hope, the weather changes. “Today’s weather forecast, variable.” The same has been true for the attitudes, thoughts, spirits […]

Discussions in an Unprecedented Week


by Mason Rutledge, President of C3 Leaders Grab a newspaper out of the recycle bin and simply read the headlines. You’ll be stunned of the changes in the world since the last time Waste Management rolled through the neighborhood. I’ve been rolling through Zoom meetings and phone calls this week with business leaders talking about […]

Don’t Look Now, but it’s Ash Wedensday


Don’t stare. That’s not a bruise and yes, they did wash their face. That’s charcoal … and your brother or sister. Today you will pass folks with a charcoal cross on their forehead. It may be dark or, because it’s not supposed to be whipped off, faded. Those marks mean that our most holiest of […]