Generation Gap of Pandemic

Generational Gap

by Mason Rutledge, President “Ok, Boomer” and groans about “those Millennials” is taking on new meaning. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, our country was parted along a pack of partitions, […]

This Functional “Ice Age”


by Mason Rutledge, President “The new normal…” “Going to get back to…” “It’s just different…” These have long prefaced statements from business leaders in my discussions over the last couple […]

Get ‘er Done


by Mason Rutledge, President Americans are get it done people. Need to cross a continent? Light the darkness? Power? Produce in mass? Computing? We’ll get it done. When faced with […]

This Week in Wet Cement

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by Mason Rutledge, President “It like running in wet cement.” Working in this newly discovered environment has felt like slogging through heavy, wet concrete for business leaders and marketplace influencers. […]