Your Journey Starts Here.

No leader should go it alone. C3 Leaders gathers commerce leaders together in community to impact the culture - the three C's. Our primary vehicle for this transformation is the C3 Forum. We have over three dozen Forums in Washington State. C3 Leaders also has affinity groups called C3 Collabs and C3 Kingdom Minded Businesses where we learn in-depth from one business.
Join our community and let's work together through commerce to impact our culture for Jesus and His Kingdom principles.

The C3 Forum Experience

Through C3 Leaders’ unique peer group format, called “Forums”, members experience deeply intimate personal and spiritual growth. It is a safe place for like-minded leaders to gather together on a consistent basis, to support and encourage one another in bringing the values of Jesus to the marketplace.


You will talk about Jesus and Kingdom-minded principles. We will pray. We will open our Bibles. God will join us. 


We aren't afraid to talk about business, finances, employment issues, etc. We talk "shop."


There isn't a "coach" or "expert," other than that person on your right and left. We are led together and learn together


At each C3 Forum, you'll be expected to share about your Faith, Family and Factory (work). Check-ins are given with vulnerability and the utmost confidentiality of other C3 members.

Core Components (3)