Learn more about Kingdom-Minded Business Values and the Process

What is a Kingdom-Minded Business? The first overall aspect of a Kingdom-Minded Business (KMB) is that business is done for the glory of God.


In order to determine if business is truly done with Kingdom-Minded Principles there are a few different categories we look at:

Commerce: The overall exchange of goods and services.

Relationship: How it impacts relationships with employees, customers, vendors, and clients

Community Impact: How it affects the region, city, and neighborhood in which it operates

We believe in following God's guidance and practicing kingdom-minded business with our leaders, including but not limited to wise planning, business ethics, employee support, benefits, HR policies, customer relationships, community influence, and generosity.

We want to bless businesses and their leaders that believe and practice these values of Godly leadership and business.


KMB Process

Step One

A business in nominated by someone who believes that business is living out Kingdom-Minded Values

Step Two

C3 Leaders' internal team will evaluate the nominated business from various sources including online, written materials, and internal interviews

Step Three

Passing the evaluation, C3 Leaders internal team will contact and set up a time to meet with the nominated business for a survey

Step Four

An award will be presented to the company its leadership to recognize their application of KMB Principles

Nominate a Business as Kingdom-Minded

Fill out the form below to nominate a business that you think is a Kingdom-Minded Business to give those businesses and leaders the recognition that they deserve.