Purpose and Criteria


Purpose: To inspire and encourage Christian leaders to:

  • Be more purposeful and passionate in living the C3 mission and vision;
  • Recognize a person or organization that “takes the HIGH GROUND” and by so doing encourages others to use their gifts of leadership and influence to impact the marketplace with the values of Jesus.


  • The person and/organization s/he leads has made a significant and sustained positive impact in the community and the market place; They’ve taken the HIGH GROUND.
  • The Person of Jesus is appropriately reflected in the organization/activity
  • Persuasive evidence exits the person is following the lead of the Holy Spirit in their High Ground pursuits
  • The person has been the or one of the primary leaders/influencers
  • Does not have to be a member of C3
  • Does not have to be a local person
  • Not a C3 board member or employee

We will begin accepting nominations for our next aware October 1, 2016