Forum Life Director

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JOB TITLE:  Forum Life Director 

MINISTRY:  C3 Leaders DEPT:  Admin 

REPORTS TO:  President 





GENERAL SUMMARY:  The Forum Life Director (FLD) will serve in three distinct functions to provide a consistent level of care to candidates and our C3 Forum roster, not only increasing our roster, but strengthening mission engagement and action. The first job talent acquisition. Recruiting qualified candidates and inviting them to participate in a C3 Forum. The FLD will work with the candidates and the C3 Forum Chairs to find best-fit C3 Forum. Finally, the FLD will increase retention through follow up and care for the C3 Forum roster. The FLD will have fundraising responsibility. 



(Responsibilities, Accountabilities, and Competencies; May not include all duties of this job) 


JOB DUTIES  % of Total Work 
Serve as Chief Recruitment Officer, recruiting qualified candidates for existing and new C3 Forums.  

  • Develop and implement a marketing strategy for the C3 Forum to the business community to source qualified candidates. 
  • Including the creation and implementation of recruitment events, i.e., “Happy Hours” or “Try-Ons.” 
  • Recruit new participants to C3 Forums. 
  • Headhunter with weekly aggressive front-end inputs – cold phone calls and emails to potential members. 
  • Targeted recruitment to the diverse Jesus-centered, business-focused community. 
  • Walk closely with candidates offering boutique-level care from first contact through commitment to a C3 Forum.  
  • Immediate follow-up and careful attention to all those that show interest and candidates. 
  • Attend community events on behalf of C3 Leaders. 
  • Ensure that all entry points reflect hospitality of our Lord and the mission, including web, mailings, and materials. 
  • Manage the ChurchCenter Candidate workflow. 
  • Constant process improvement to fit with mission priorities and market realities. 
Discernment and Placement of Candidates in C3 Forum. 

  • Discovering felt needs of candidates. 
  • Maintain discretion and trust by keeping information confidential. 
  • Praying specifically for candidates, seeking the Lord’s fit.  
  • Working with C3 Forum Chairs (C3 FCs) to find space and fit for candidates. 
  • Follow up with C3 FCs and candidates after candidate visit. Possibly join candidate for first C3 Forum visit. 
  • Finalize placement with C3 FC, candidate and C3L office. 
  • Complete all the action steps in the Candidate workflow. 
  1. Intentional relationships with C3 Forum roster. 
  • Instigate relationships. Accountable to high number of weekly warm calls/week/meetings (coffee, lunch, Zoom). 
  • General care for members. Available for members in need. 
  • Promotion of C3 Events among C3 Forum roster. 
  • Willing to be a strong listener. 
  • Listen for, collect, and create testimonies from roster. 
  • Consistently provide spiritual leadership. 
  • Strong EQ, able to discern when to lean in and when to not. 
  • Offer authoritative advice that is valued by the roster, bringing mix of spiritual and business knowledge. 

  • Develop personal fundraising base. 
  • Work with President on fund development for mission. 
  • Care for donors well. 
  • Help in increasing the percentage of C3 Forum roster giving Minimal Annual Contribution. 
General mission responsibilities 

  • Assist with planning and implementation of C3 Events. 
  • Run your own C3 Forum. Run two C3 Forums after 18 mo. 
  • Answer general questions and provide excellent customer service to all incoming calls/emails/visits. 
  • Involved with other staff in EOS/Traction and VTO, including weekly Level 10 Meetings. 
  • Write blog and email content as needed. 
  • Write step-by-step tasks to regular activities. 
  • Maintain office policies and procedures. 
  • Strong follow-up, i.e., action steps and thank you notes. 
  • Provide your own administrative care – scheduling, receipts, mileage and expense reports. 
Work collaboratively with supervisors, coworkers, and donors.   
Perform other duties as assigned.   






(Any Equivalent Combination of Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Education and Experience) 


  1. Christian Commitment
  • A mature Christian that demonstrates a Christ honoring life/testimony 
  • Agreement and support of C3 Leaders’ Statement of Faith 
  • Converse intelligently and graciously about issues of faith 
  • Demonstrate Christian spirituality by participating, leading, and contributing to office devotional and prayer times 


  1. Education:  Bachelors’ degree from an accredited college or university recognized by the United States Department of Education or equivalent. Relevant work experience may be substituted for education on a year-for-year basis.


  1. Experience:  At least four years of business and/or vocational ministry leadership


  1. Licensure/Certification: none


  1. Software and Equipment Used: Microsoft Office Suite


  1. Other Considerations:   
  • Highly organized, strong interpersonal and communication skills – both oral and written; keen judgment skills; high degree of professionalism 
  • A warm and engaging customer first attitude and demeanor  
  • Possess an articulate passion for C3 Leaders’ mission 
  • Able to manage multiple and changing priorities, while remaining goal oriented 
  • Able to keep and manage records in an orderly manner.  
  • Willing to be held accountable regularly to SMART goals. 
  • Able to work collaboratively with supervisor, coworkers, and donors. 




(Any Equivalent Combination of Knowledge, Skills, Abilities, Education and Experience) 


1.Education: MBA or Seminary degree from an accredited college or university.


2. Experience:

  • Ten years business management/leadership experience.  
  • A proven track record of growing people. 
  • Ministry experience, vocationally or as a volunteer, with proven success a solid references. 


3. Licensure/Certification


4. Software and Equipment Used: ChurchCenter CRM; Subsplash App, WordPress, QuickBooks


5. Other Considerations: EOS/Traction


This job description reflects C3 Leaders and the employee’s best effort to describe the essential functions and essential qualifications of the job described. It is not an exhaustive statement of all the duties, responsibilities, or qualifications of the job. This job description is not intended to exclude an opportunity for modifications due to business demands or providing reasonable accommodation. This job description is not intended to be a contract. Signatures below indicate supervisor and employee have read this job description and concur with the essential functions and essential qualifications of the job as listed.