Just Business Roundtable (JBR) events provide a place where men and women business leaders can learn from one another how to lead with an authentic life, understand their calling, and emulate the values of Jesus in their workplace. Just Business Roundtables provide an extraordinary opportunity for business leaders to talk with one another about the specifics of their business from a Christian perspective -- to observe, support, and analyze a fellow business leader who pursues integrity at work.

JBR experiences are offered on a quarterly basis. Each Roundtable session, facilitated by C3 Leaders, will last 5 1/2 hours and will include a presentation by the host company leader(s), discussion, and application. For more information contact

Four Pillars of a Just Business:

  • The business is just and honorable, providing a positive quality of life for your family and capitalizing on your calling
  • The business benefits your employees and stakeholders by loving and valuing them in tangible and extraordinary ways
  • The business is good for your customers, treating them with integrity, honor and enthusiastic service
  • The business preserves and enriches your community through leadership and intentional generosity

More simply, your business is good for:

  • You and your family
  • Your employees and stakeholders
  • Your customers
  • Your community



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