Defining the Relationship between C3 Leaders and C3 Members.

A common question is “What is the value proposition of C3 Leaders?”

Rather than a transaction relationship, we want a transformational relationship with our C3 members.  This document is to define this relationship (DTR).

What should you expect from C3 Leaders?

The Seven “Always” of a C3 Forum

Always the Bible – II Tim 3.16

Always Business – I Cor 15.58

Always a Check-In

Always Pray – Phil 4.6-7

Always Peer-to-Peer – Heb 10.23-24

Always Safe

Always Serving

Staff to ensure the quality of C3 Leaders, as an organization and as a brand.

Superior Forum Chair Care for your Forum Chair

Excellent events.

Space for meaningful engagement around common issues among C3 members

Principles and Methods to enhance the Forum experience

C3 Leaders staff who are ready to help during challenges – splits, power struggles, misconduct, etc.

Accelerated development and growth of your spiritual “muscles”

Healthy models of an integrated life

An expanding, growing mission

Identification of Quality C3 Forum Chairs.

Start of new C3 Forums

Finding new members for C3 Forums

Finding spots for qualified prospects

Leadership of faith and work integration in the region

What should C3 expect from you?

Attendance – Prioritize your Forum meeting in your calendar – Phil 2.1-7

Participation – C3 Forum isn’t a “cafeteria” but a “cooking class” – Gal 6.7-8


for the other members of your C3 Forum

for your C3 Forum Chair – II Thes 1.11

Come prepared

Perspective — knowing your role and God’s role

Active listening – Col. 3:16

Making C3 Leaders a part of your giving -- Membership level is $1,000

Be active in a church

Be willing to serve with your C3 Forum and C3 Leaders generally

Attend C3 events – i.e. Golf Tournament, High Ground Breakfast

Leverage your impact in community through inviting others to C3 events

The right motivation – the C3 Forum is about mutual support, not “networking”

To be of strong reputation in your life and work

I Have Read and Agree to the DTR Agreement Above