Covid-19 Resources

ALL C3 Forums are STILL MEETING via Zoom.

In response to the tremendous need of business leaders in our region, we have launched the C3 Leaders' Emergency Assistance Program.  The EAP includes prayer, career-pathing, coaching, meaningful connections, meals through a partnership with GrubHub and cash assistance.

If you need help or know someone who could use assistance or encouragement, click above to fill out a form.  This will allow our staff to get the process started.

Many are struggling, but some of you will have the ability to help fund the Emergency Assistance Program.  We are working to aggregate dollars to help and encourage as many business leaders as possible.  When you make your donation, use the pull down menu to designate your gift to the C3 Leaders Emergency Assistance Program.


We are business people who prayer.  Prayer is a central part of the life in C3 Leaders and our C3 Forums.  We pray regularly for each other, our leadership and the world.  Prayer has only be heightened as an organization in this season.

If you are in need of prayer, click above.  You will be connected to the C3 Leaders Prayer Wall where you can post your prayer request and be assured that we will prayer for you.

As an organization, C3 Leaders has committed to pray Psalm 91 for 91 consecutive days.  That will take us up to May 15.


We are business leaders and marketplace influencers who know the Word of God and use the Word of God.  The Bible is present in each of our C3 Forums as a part of the direction and feedback.  We are more so inspired to engage the Bible in this season.

C3 Leaders' has been reading through a Bible reading plan over the last seven weeks.  We invite you to join us.

These are 45-minute Bible studies based on business are provided by Theology of Work.  The Zoom-based studies include Bible reading, theological work and reflection.  Click the button above to find the Zoom link and join a group this week.


There is nothing else better and there is no one else in the Puget Sound Region doing it.  The C3 Forum is where a small group of Jesus-loving business leaders gather together in committed, regular groups with peer leadership to talk about faith, family and the "factory."  It doesn't get any better then this.  It doesn't get any more Acts 2 then this.

Email for the next open, Zoom-based C3 Forum.

In this season, we are launching short-term Zoom Forums for business leaders.  These unique opportunities are happening all the time.


To start the C3 Coaching process, write to

Jesus is alive and active in our lives.  He is moving each of us into new places of leadership and expression.  While this is exciting, it can also cause anxiety.  In addition, we can use help in fully fleshing out what God is doing in our life and leadership.

C3 Coaching offers you the most intentional and helpful 30 minutes of your week.  In this season, our sessions focus on two factors: Decompressing and Launching.  It will answer the questions, How are you doing? and What is next?  Helping you focus on what you can control and what you can do well.

We are excited for what God is doing in your life and we'd love to provide a C3 Coach to lean in with you.

As a part of the CARES Act, the U.S. Congress has made significant tax advantages for charitable gifts this year.  It is information that applies to almost everyone and something that you do not want to miss.  Click above to read more.

We have established special training in this season for business leaders.  Take a look at our webinars and workshops.  New additions every week as things evolve.

C3 Leaders works closely with other organizations to ensure that business leaders are getting the best of information.  Please check out our full list of resources.