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C3 Student Fellows Program

C3 Student Fellows will be a select group of college business majors.  You will be a part of a small community.  You will engage with top business leaders.  You will consider big questions about impacting the culture.  You will write, share and think.  You will study scripture and society.  You will grow.  You will be changed.

Who should apply for the C3 Student Fellow program:

  • Faith in Christ
  • Strong interest in Business
  • Planning a career in Business
  • College-Aged individuals (possibly high school seniors)
  • Self-Driven.  Self-Directed.
  • Comfortable engaging with leaders.

What will the C3 Leaders' Student Fellows program involve?

  • Small group (because of state meeting guidelines).
  • June 14th through August 20th
  • Minimum wage hourly rate
  • Could involve both remote and in-person work
  • Average 20 hours per week
    • Weekly Bible study (in-person) - 60 min
    • Staff meeting - 60 mins
    • Interview and write testimonies from C3 members - 60 mins
    • Interviews of local business leaders - 60 min
    • Presentations and discussions - 2 hours
    • Various Projects supporting C3 Leaders - 14 hours

The C3 Leaders' Student Fellows program is designed to help students continue in their education and expand their skills and practical knowledge while also growing in their faith.

Join us.