C3 Member Benefits

What if you knew exactly what a C3 Membership bought you? What if you knew how and where to make the most valuable connections and pursue significant growth. What if you could schedule these times intentionally and block them out on your calendar?

But that may not be how you feel right now. Maybe you’re unsure about what the dues cover and what’s included in your membership. You might feel disappointed that you haven’t been able to connect with influential leaders as much as you’d hoped.

If any of those scenarios sound familiar, you’re in the right place. Today we’re going to clear away the confusion and give you a straightforward accounting of your membership investment. So that you…

Know exactly where your dollars go

Understand your member benefits and if you’re utilizing them to the fullest

Start making the power connections you’re looking for

Discover the intersection of career and calling

You can’t put a price tag on true, authentic community, but it does take constant effort and support to build one. Here’s how your membership investment does that:

Wondering what JBR stands for? Those are the “Just Business Roundtables.” These are high impact events that expose you to the ideas, processes, and systems of other leading businesses. To attend one of these events, you’d pay upwards of $89.

As a C3 member, you will now receive complimentary admission to these exclusive events, giving you the valuable opportunity to connect and network with influential leaders.

At a JBR event you receive private tours of businesses and organizations by the business owner or partner. You get an inside view of how the business operating system runs. All while meeting other business leaders and exchanging ideas.

These events are pivotal. They’re the turbo power that takes your experience to a whole new level. That’s why if you haven’t attended a JBR, you are leaving money on the table. We don’t want you to do that.

That’s why we’re inviting you today to register for the 2018 JBR event series. You’ll have the opportunity to meet and hear from leaders at businesses and organizations like:

Canlis: Seattle’s landmark fine-dining destination for 66 years. Seattle, WA

World Vision: International non-profit organization that provides Child Sponsorship Programs, Emergency Response Teams, and Worldwide Relief. Federal Way, WA

Subsplash: Award-winning mobile platform equiping churches and ministries to engage their audience through mobile church apps. Seattle, WA

Bellmont Cabinets: Custom cabinet manufacturer dedicated to product innovation, functionality, and timeless and trend setting styles. Sumner, WA

National Christian Foundation: Guiding generous givers with creative solutions, like-minded relationships, and an online giving experience like no other. Seattle, WA

Willows Lodge: Luxurious Woodinville hotel in the heart of Washington’s Wine Country. Woodinville, WA

Today, you can secure a seat at the table – to learn, grow, and connect with other Spirit-led business leaders.

Maybe you’re looking for something different. Maybe you’re searching for God’s calling in your life. Maybe you feel like you missed your calling. Or question whether your career and God’s calling could ever be in alignment.

You can find answers to those questions and more at a C3 Calling Workshop – a group coaching session facilitated by C3 President, Jon Sharpe. You’ll enjoy a meal, delve into the topic of calling, and discover how to find the synthesis of faith and work in your life.

In the marketplace, this type of workshop would cost you approximately $49 or more.  As a C3 member, the coaching session and meal are FREE.

The value of knowing how to you align your life with God’s calling is invaluable.

Now you, as a savvy business leader, know where your C3 investment is going. You understand your benefits and how to use them. You know how to make power connections to maximize your ROI. And you know how to find alignment between your faith and work.

Now it’s time to claim what’s rightfully yours.

A future of influence is waiting.