Collaborative Companies

We are an architectural design practice in Citizen Design and a residential construction practice in Valor Builds. We believe in delivering inspirational spaces on-time and on-budget.

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Gelotte Hommas Drivdahl Architecture

Strategic Partner

The entirety of our residential design process centers on dialog with our clients. Each step is service and each choice, artistry. This is the art of architecture.

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HomeFree - Luxury Tiny Homes & Villages

We create sustainable Luxury Tiny Homes and Tiny Home Communities that provide superior quality, flexibility, and earth-focused design.

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Miller Interior Design

You’re craving change, but you’re short on time looking for someone with intelligence, not attitude, to integrate your unique personality into spaces that look amazing, work properly and feel just like you.

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KTM Construction, Woodinville Hotel Development

KTM provides the help you need while you need it. Sometimes it makes sense to hire an employee, but other times you just need that temporary expertise for a project, to get you over the hump.               

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LU S Design Associates

We are a very specialized design & consulting firm that exclusively works with restaurants, bars, & foodservice businesses to help them to be more profitable thru good design.

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Sapphire Homes, Inc

We pride ourselves on building high-quality homes that include many features normally viewed as upgrades. We take a very hands-on approach to building and visit each site several times/week.

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VIS Designs

Our insightful design and attention to detail create rich user experience to achieve your vision for commercial tenant improvement and home remodeling design and permitting needs.

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