Book Suggestions

Live Large

Live Large!

An encouraging book about spiritual truths and practical ways to act on them from C3 Forum Chair Bob Lonac.

In Live Large! Bob shares a deeply personal account of seven times he felt God, how those experiences changed his life, and practical exercises to reflect on God’s work in your own life. How do you feel God change your life? Learn from Bob's important lessons.

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Anxiety Rest Book

The Anxiety Reset

C3 Forum Chair Dr. Gregg Jantz, founder of The Center, is a well-known speaker and a bestselling author.

If you or someone you love has lost hope of ever getting free from occasional, persistent, or overwhelming anxiety, take heart. The Anxiety Reset offers a fresh, personalized plan for overcoming the fears that are robbing you of joy and peace.

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Ashes have Voices

The Ashes have Voices

Initially, five black women, including C3 member Antionette Walker, came together to share life's lessons from their personal experiences. As they wrote, the narrative shifted into a mutual journey of recovery.

Their stories are filled with bumps and bruises. Along the way, each women trades in her pains of the past and chose beauty for ashes.

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Brain Rules for Work

Brain Rules for Work

C3 Forum Chair Tim Jenkins is an adviser in the revised edition by the New York Times bestselling author.

In Brain Rules for Work, Dr. John Medina, a molecular biologist keen on neural development, reveals what’s possible when the 9-to-5 is tailored to the brain like a glove is tailored to a hand. He unlocks the science of catering our work lives to the primal needs of the mind.

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Six-Word Lessons for Middle Managers: 100 Lessons Learned from the Field

Middle management in corporate America is a uniquely challenging paradigm. Managers are responsible for the work of others, responsible to executives and responsible to peer colleagues—often all at the same time.

This requires a special blend of bold authority, vision, persuasion, patience, negotiation and that is a description of author and C3 Forum member Nick Anderson.

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Road to flourishing

Road to Flourishing

What makes for a flourishing workplace? How can we create workplaces where people don't just struggle to get through the day, but actually thrive?

C3 Forum member Al Lopus, cofounder and CEO of the Best Christian Workplaces Institute, has studied hundreds of organizations to discover eight key drivers in companies with healthy culture and engaged employees.

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Wisdom Steward

Behind Gold Doors-Five Easy Steps to Become a Wisdom Steward: An Allegory about Seeking and Sharing Wisdom

"Are you a boaster, hoarder, poser, hesitator, or pontificator?" asks C3 Forum Chair Lonnie Pacelli.

Read this engaging allegory about Rico and his magical journey where he meets a wisdom boaster, hoarder, poser, hesitator, and pontificator and how each grew to become a wisdom steward. What he learns changes not only him but those around him...and maybe you?

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