On-Board with C3 Leaders

This is an important final step in the process. We'll get your contact info, have you review the C3 DTR, download the C3 Leaders' app, and have an opportunity to give to C3 Leaders.

Review C3 DTR

Defining the Relationship between C3 Leaders and C3 Members.

Rather than a transactional relationship, we want a transformational relationship with our C3 members.  This page works to Define The Relationship (DTR) and include organization agreements.

Your Information

A good relationship requires good contact information.

Part of that relationship with our C3 members is quality information. We have some of your contact information but not it all. Click below to provide your information, including mailing address.

Give to C3 Leaders

An opportunity to support C3 Leaders.

Support our work to identify leaders to join C3 Forums and the launching of new C3 Forums. Total annual giving of $1,500 is the "Investor Level" and $500 annually is "Member Level."

Download the App

We make it easy with the C3 Leaders mobile app.

You will want to download the C3 Leaders' mobile app and turn on notifications. Search for "C3 Leaders" in the App Store or in Google Play. The app is used for news and opportunities.

Thank you for entering into the process to discover if "C3 is for Me?"  You should have talked to a staff person, maybe a C3 Forum Chair, hopefully you've even visited a C3 Forum.  This on-board page is one of the last steps.  There are three reasons for these pages:

  • Gather your address and other information,
  • Have you review the C3 DTR, which defines the relationship
  • Have an opportunity to give to C3 Leaders and
  • Download the C3 Leaders app.

Thanks for listening to the Lord in this process and we are glad you are at this point with C3 Leaders.