Jon Sharpe

Jon Sharpe


Jon has led multiple initiatives bringing leaders together for transformation of people, places and systems. He has a passion for encouraging leaders to fullfill their God-given identity and calling, and shepherds the mission and vision of C3 Leaders.

Wendy Judd

Wendy Judd

Operations & Events Manager

Wendy enjoys putting ideas into action. She manages our office operations, and oversees all C3 events.


Doug Engberg

Senior Development Director

Passionate advocate for the least, the last, and the lost. Leading donors to generous giving to fulfill their God-given responsibility.

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Jamie Winship

Senior Leadership Catalyst

After 25 years of work in the trenches in some of the world’s highest conflict areas, Jamie has learned what it takes for individuals to discover the transformative power of living fearlessly in their true identity. Jamie leads our Forum Chair development and growth.