Board of Directors

Bob King

Bob King, Secretary

Principal at C.O.O. Services, LLC and STEP Services

Bob King is a strong executive leader with over 25 years of experience leading and managing manufacturing...

Photo Bob-Nuber

Bob Nuber, Founding Chair

Chairman Emeritus, Clark Nuber

Bob is the firm’s chairman emeritus and has practiced for nearly 40 years in public accounting...


David Grieger

Retired CMO of the Russell Company

David Grieger retired from the Russell Investment Group after serving as the Managing Director of the Russell Index...


David Roberts

Lead Component Engineer, Boeing Global Services

Born and raised in Southern California, David Roberts migrated to the copper state to attend the University of Arizona...


Gary O'Malley

Executive, KoolSpan
Jeff Rogers is the Principal of One Accord Partners

Jeff Rogers

Founder and Managing Partner, OneAccord

Originally from Edmonds, WA Jeff graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Finance...

Board Vice Chair and Forum Enhancement Chair

Jerry Brown, Board Chair

Director, Co-Founder - Retired Financial Network Investment Corporation

As a pioneer in the financial planning industry, Jerry Brown has been an agent of change ...

Peter Cline

Peter Cline, Treasurer

CEO, Auxano Advisors

Peter is the Chief Executive Officer, founder and managing member of Auxano Advisors, LLC...

Scott Urie

Scott Urie, Board Chair Emeritus

Former CEO/President, Washington Air Reps

Scott is the Board Chairman for C3 Leaders, selected by his colleagues for his passion for Jesus and the work of C3...


Jorge Ramos

Primary Family Law Attorney, Community Law Firm PLLC

Jorge is the primary family law attorney at Community Law Firm, PLLC. He has spent his...