About C3 Leaders

Changing the Way Leaders Lead

When you join C3 Leaders, you are no longer leading alone.


Our vision is for thousands of Christian, Spirit-led men and women business leaders together transforming the community, commerce, and culture of this area.

Through C3 Leaders’ unique peer groups called Forums, members are experiencing deeply intimate personal and spiritual growth. Hurts are being healed, marriages are strengthened, spiritual lives fortified, and encouragement given to manage businesses and lives with the values of Jesus. In addition to Forums, C3 Leaders offers spiritual retreats, Just Business Roundtable events, an annual Golf Tournament, workshops to discover your calling, and opportunities to receive encouragement, wise counsel, and give support to others.

C3 Leaders exists to connect and encourage business leaders to live and lead like Jesus. We want to join you as you seek to live out your calling as you live and lead like Jesus.


C3 Leaders connects business leaders to develop trusted friendships, encourages them to live and lead like Jesus and transform Community, Commerce and Culture.


C3 Leaders is a community of highly-accomplished, passionate men and women Christian business leaders.

Many business leaders operate in isolation and struggle to impact their customers, suppliers, employees, families and communities for God’s purposes. Few business leaders understand their purpose or calling. Many lack trusted peers with whom they can talk openly and honestly with discussing their struggles.

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