Roberto Valdez Gomez

Roberto is an Sr. Account Executive at Gartner. He graduated from Northwest University with a bachelors in Business Administration. Mexican born he has lived there as well as in Texas and Eastern Washington.

Raised in a Christian home, the Lord has always been an essential part of his life, however his life was redirected dramatically the summer of his sophomore year at Central Washington University when he felt the strong call to pursue a life in service to God at a youth camp. As a result he transferred to NU to discover how he could use his talents for the Kingdom. While there he was introduced to C3 Leaders by Ron Lewis and was shaped by his apprenticeship with him, modeling how business is a vocational calling, not just a career. His passion for Technology and Business kept him in the Seattle area where he also met his wife Jodie Valdez. They have a young daughter Aurora and another baby girl on the way.

As the child of immigrant entrepreneurs Roberto has a heart for service and a passion for hospitality. The example set by his family for a heart of service and stewardship is his inspiration to become an entrepreneur himself. He hopes to one day become an angel investor to help others make their dreams a reality.