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The Coronavirus is dramatically impacting businesses around the world.
C3 Leaders is organizing a range of resources to help business leaders and marketplace influencers.
The strongest support is in a C3 Forum.
We are providing resources to help with leadership in crisis, layoffs and discouragement.
Click below for information to join a C3 Forum or our web-based resources.

We are ready to pray for you and your business. You can post your prayer request on the C3 Leaders' Prayer Wall at www.C3Leaders.com/prayer. We also have a prayer time at 4 p.m. every week day afternoon. To join us write to c3leaders@c3leaders.com.
Email C3Leaders@c3leaders.com and we will work to connect you with a C3 Coach.

Business Leaders Doing Business with God

For over ten years, C3 Leaders has journeyed with hundreds of business leaders and marketplace influencers through authentic relationships.

Connect with other leaders

Develop your calling

Lead courageously

Create Deeper Impact

Many business leaders operate in isolation and struggle to impact community, commerce and culture with the values of Jesus. But what if hundreds were united with a common purpose to see every aspect of their life and leadership transformed?

Through C3 Leaders’ unique peer group format called “C3 Forums”, members experience this authentic transformation and learn how to walk out their calling in the marketplace.

Stop being a shadow of who you really are, settling for your false self.

Start thinking differently, gaining clarity of who you are, and what your purpose is.

Act courageously with a calling and purpose in your life.

Join a C3 Forum

C3 Forums are where leaders gather to be known and know others deeply.

Attend C3 Events

C3 Leaders hosts community events where transformation occurs.

Be in the C3 Community

Join a community walking together and sharing the journey.