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True Identity.

When you walk in your true identity with like-minded peers, you change, and things change around you.

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Be Known

Think Differently

Gain a New Awareness

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For over ten years, C3 has journeyed with hundreds of business leaders through authentic transformation.

When you join C3, a community of marketplace leaders joins you.

We all share the same journey and help each other to live courageously in our true identity. Together, we can have a significant impact on Community, Commerce and Culture.

Understand Your Own Identity

Your true identity gives you purpose, clarity, and hope. How well do you know yours?

Accept Your

How you use your true identity in your vocation is your calling.  What contribution are you going to make?

Act Courageously Today

Don't let your false self drive your decisions. Listen to the Spirit and act fearlessly.

Bethany Johnson, Owner, Rise Champions

“Helping people know their identity is an absolute joy for me. My passion is fueled to even do what I do in the marketplace better as I have a tool to help people really create positive change.”

Bethany Johnson, Owner, Rise Champions

Colin Wong, CTO

“C3 has radically transformed our understanding of what it means to live within our true identities in the Kingdom of God. When we are in alignment in God's design and let go of the lies we tell ourselves, we fulfill our destiny.”

Colin Wong, CTO

We all want to live significantly.

The problem is, business leaders leave little time for self-reflection. Many feel perplexed at how to merge the values of Jesus in our fast-paced culture.  It’s common for business leaders to be loners in the marketplace.

C3 believes that walking with Jesus and in community actually goes hand-in- hand with purposeful leadership.

At the core of C3 is the Forum.  Through Forums, you gain a sense of belonging and you are known in a safe place. You become part of a movement of transformed leaders  changing Community, Commerce, and Culture.

When you develop trusted relationships within a C3 Forum, you enter a journey of becoming more of who God created you to be. You become inspired, and you inspire others.  Here’s how to start:


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You will grow when walking with others and experiencing their journey.

Stop being a shadow of who you really are, settling for the safe life, rather than truly living into who you were designed to be.

Start thinking differently, gaining clarity of who you are, and what your purpose is.

Act courageously with a calling and purpose in your life.

Jon Sharpe, C3 President

“We are thankful to have a front row seat as God changes leaders.  C3 is a unique leadership community that when you join us, we join you.”

Jon Sharpe, C3 President