Called into commerce, community, and culture

Be a C3 Leaders Ambassador

Ambassador Circle

We believe that more and better forums for business leaders will be catalytic for this Spiritual Tsunami. We think business leaders are the great secret weapon of the Kingdom of God for our time. We are pursuing this vision with all that we have. 

We invite members of our C3 Leaders forums to serve as ambassadors for C3. This group’s primary goal is to support the mission and vision of C3 by offering prayer, counsel, financial support, and good will. The AC will convene annually for an Executive Briefing with the President and the Executive Committee of the C3 Board where input will be sought and received. The AC will also be invited to attend one Forum Chair Meeting annually to get a first-hand look at how God is using C3 Leaders in our community and around the world.

Advocate: AC Members will be an advocate for the mission of C3 Leaders: Leaders encouraging leaders to live and lead like Jesus. They will spread the word of this mission as the Lord enables them.
Support: AC members contributes to C3 Leaders mission and recognizes that they play a significant part in advancing the mission through their faithful giving.
Pray: AC members will pray regularly for C3 Leaders and the mission asking for God’s grace and blessing on our work.
Counsel: Each AC member will be willing to give counsel to the Leadership of C3 Leaders as needed.

C3 Leaders is experiencing rapid growth with  40+ forums operating in our area. Approximately 300+ business leaders are connecting and encouraging each other to live and lead like Jesus. We see a major spiritual Tsunami building as business leaders begin to live out their calling to be Spirit led leaders impacting every marketplace. As we  look out over the horizon we see our region saturated with God’s goodness. We envision leaders actually living what they profess, families loving and nurturing one another, businesses serving their customers, employees, and shareholders with integrity, communities beginning to thrive as safe and healthy places, and our culture reflecting God’s promise of his will being done on earth as it is in heaven. 

Special thanks to our Ambassador Circle Members:

Steve Bell

Steve Gandara

Gary Glenney

Kendra VanderMuelen

Justin Kawabori

Jim Larkin

Daryl Miller

Ed VanderPol

Tim Jenkins