Christ in Commerce, Community, and Culture

C3 Leader Forums have intentionally sought to bring business leaders together in trusted small forum groups to encourage one another to live and lead like Jesus. We have observed business leaders growing their lives and their leadership.

The typical forum meets twice a month for two hours. Six to Twelve leaders come together to share their journey and to help each other navigate the road ahead. In the Northwest we have been able to see over thirty forums develop where men and women share their joys, challenges, and experiences together. It is rich and life changing. We have found that by being intentional about opening up our personal lives to each other we learn humility, grace, and perseverance together.

Peers sharing their life together is a safe harbor for many. We have observed that leaders need safe places and safe people to enhance their life calling. Business leaders have often been relegated to “earthly things,” by people that think being called to the marketplace is not quite as noble as being called to congregational or foreign mission work. Although the business leader is often sought out for their ability to contribute funds and business sense, they are often left to fend for themselves when it comes to nurturing their souls.

Watch our 3 minute video to more about our forums.

Benefits for Forum Members

  • A Safe Harbor – Members discover a place of safety where they can learn to be vulnerable and trust others. Confidentiality is required.
  • Trusted Peer Friendships- Members find that their peers are supportive and can be called on for counsel and encouragement.
  • Increased Wisdom (Spiritual, Business, Personal, Family) from Seasoned Leaders- Members find growth and strength in every area of their life as they regularly meet with peers.
  • Iron Sharpening Iron- Members realize that their saw is getting sharper in every circumstance they encounter.
  • Accountability- Although the forum is not designed to be an accountability group, when you learn to walk with others in vulnerability, the relationship provides accountability. As our friends at TrueFaced teach, “We don’t need accountability groups as much as we need people we can trust with our lives.”
  • Personal Spiritual Growth- Members begin to recognize that their lives have changed and that walking with other God loving people has been nurturing their own spirituality.
  • Access to a Resource of Community Leaders- Although C3 Leaders does not promote networking as one of our benefits, the evidence of a growing community of leaders encouraging and strengthening one another has become a great by-product.
  • Courage to Step Out and Make a Difference in our Culture- Members find that they are encouraged to find their place of impact in the marketplace and that the members of their forum are walking with them as they break the huddle.