Changing the way leaders lead

Called into Commerce, Community, and Culture

A Message from the President

Changing the way leaders lead is a big deal. We believe leaders are called to commerce, community, and culture to be agents of change. We are also aware that things need to change in our region and in our world. Sadly, we have watched leaders default in the public arena with alarming regularity and with devastating consequences. C3 Leaders seeks to address the need for leaders to be grounded in the values of Jesus, not religion but a way of serving and loving. We believe that those values are best discovered and practiced by walking with others where trust and love are the norm rather than the exception. It is not secret that leaders in every setting are usually the loneliest  people in the world. When we bring leaders together we help them walk with others in a safe, and challenging  environment  where their lives are changed forever.

The first level of community for C3 Leaders starts with peers. Those who share common experiences, joys, and sorrows. Peer relationships are vital for personal growth. Although we value peer relationships, we also affirm that God calls us to reach out to those who may not be our peers. Beyond peers, we have a responsibility to bless and encourage following generations, those who will soon stand where we stand. Scriptures speak of the “God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob” or three enduring generations. What we do today carries on through the lives of our children and grandchildren. C3 Leaders also believes that we have also been called to serve the least, lost, and last and to go to whomever Christ may call us. The comfort and strength of connecting deeply with peers does not take the place of giving a cup of cold water to the thirsty of the world.

If you want to join us and be a part of making a difference in our community by impacting the way leaders live and lead, please consider passing along the word and also investing in this work.

Jon Sharpe

The following video outlines how C3 Leaders helps individuals recognize and act on their calling.