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We want to thank our Founders for their participation to help launch C3 Leaders this year. The Founders gave $2500 or more to help C3 Leaders move forward with a fast start. We sincerely appreciate ¬†these special friends. ¬†Your Investment in great leaders starts here…

Jerry and Tina Brown
Craig and April Chapman
Randy and Sharon Conrads
Crista Ministries
Gary and Darla Glenney
Frank and Gloria Haas
Mark and Kay Hockman
Jack and Sheri Hoover
Barry and Joan Horn
Bob and Jeannie King
Timothy and Cindy Knapp
Kendall Kunz
Gunnar and Ruth Lie
Bob and Judy Nuber
Les and Leslie Parrott
Michael and Susan Pearce
George and Norma Reece
Roger and Nadia Reynolds
Jon and Laila Sharpe
Scott and Kathi Urie
Philippe and Laura Vallerand
Bob and Joan Wallace