IMG_1926Since 2008 the core team of C3 Leaders has been walking together and building strong relationships among key business leaders.  The original impetus of this group  was to build a community of leaders committed to  living the values of Jesus.

Jesus Christ changed the way leaders lead over 2000 years ago.  He modeled the value of serving rather than being served.  He showed that those who lead best serve best.  Agents of change, who are motivated to lead like Jesus, move toward their objectives while lovingly caring for the people involved on the journey.  Not only are objectives reached and goals met, but lives are  changed when Jesus’ example of leadership is followed.

C3 Leaders was founded in February of 2012 with an experienced board and an experienced Executive Director. Today, C3 Leaders represents over 270 members in the Seattle metro area.  This grassroots effort has drawn many Christian business leaders who now meet in  C3 Forums and  participate in a growing movement of the Spirit.

C3 Leaders created a forum structure that encourages small group forum gatherings throughout the city.  Led by forum chairs, these groups provide a safe and honest environment for  leaders to share life’s challenges, compare business experiences and relationally grow in community with others.

The ultimate vision of C3 is to see every marketplace in our region saturated with Spirit led leaders.  We hope you will join us!