Just Business Roundtables

THE JUST BUSINESS ROUNDTABLE  (JBR) is offered as an onsite business peer review and learning laboratory where business leaders who are serious about living their Christian faith in the marketplace meet with others seeking to do the same.



The overarching goal of C3 Leaders is to build a VIBRANT community of Christian business leaders who strive to demonstrate godly values in their workplaces and in the community.

Just Business Roundtable provides a place where business leaders, young and old, can learn from one another how to lead with an authentic life, understand their calling, and emulate the values of Jesus. Business leaders rarely find an environment where they can talk with one another about the specifics of their business from a Christian perspective.

Just Business Roundtables provide an extraordinary opportunity for iron to sharpen iron as leaders gather to observe and analyze a fellow business leader who pursues integrity at work.

  • Orientation facilitated by C3 Leaders
  • On-site case study featuring the model business, in which the business owner/spokesperson shares how they think and act regarding faith and work, including examples.
  • Assisted process of analysis and application giving participants the opportunity to ask questions, share observations and apply what they have learned to their own business environment.

Four Pillars of a Just Business:

  • The business is just and honorable, providing a positive quality of life for your family and capitalizing on your calling
  • The business benefits your employees and stakeholders by loving and valuing them in tangible and extraordinary ways
  • The business is good for your customers, treating them with integrity, honor and enthusiastic service
  • The business preserves and enriches your community through leadership and intentional generosity

More simply, your business is good for:

  • You and your family
  • Your employees and stakeholders
  • Your customers
  • Your community






Special thanks to the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust for a generous grant, and our Corporate Sponsor, Excellent Cultures.



For more information contact JBR Director Dean Orrico at DOrrico@C3Leaders.com